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Professional projects, teamwork, and personal tasks.

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Easily organize your professional and personal activities and save precious time.

Examples of professional uses

To-do list, communication campaign, recruitment process, IT project…

Organize your professional daily tasks in task lists.

Your professional to-do list

Organize your daily tasks with task lists.

  • Create a task with a single click.
  • Move a task or a list using drag and drop.
  • Add tags for visual organization.
  • Set reminders to keep track of everything.
  • Display all your tasks on your mobile app.
Organize and plan your communication campaign.

Your communication campaign

Schedule your project in a Gantt chart.

  • Allocate your tasks over time.
  • Display links between tasks.
  • Identify key steps with milestone tasks.
  • Use reverse planning to meet your deadlines.
Plan complex projects such as IT projects.

Your IT project

Display task allocation when working on a complex project.

  • Display all project members and their assigned tasks.
  • Notify members with the Buzz.
  • Share your project and manage access rights.
Streamline your recruitment process.

Your recruitment process

Streamline your internal administrative processes.

  • Create a card (task) for each candidate.
  • Attach their résumé.
  • Assign team members to conduct interviews.
  • Add reports in the comment section.
Display customized team schedules.

Your team schedule

Display all your team’s tasks.

  • Use filters to customize your schedule.
  • Display individual schedules.
  • Optimize your ressources and workload.
  • Manage your team, even from a distance.

Examples of personal uses

Because we know that your life includes more than just your professional activities.

Organize your holiday and trips with checklists.

Your vacation

Prepare all your trips, alone or with your friends.

  • Create a checklist to make sure everything is done before leaving.
  • Save ideas and notes.
  • Organize and find references and documents.
  • Access your project from your mobile when you are away.
Beesbusy is perfect for wedding planning.

Your wedding

Plan a project with your loved ones.

  • Share your tasks to save time.
  • With assigned tasks, everyone knows what to do.
  • Gather all the information you need.
  • Easy communication with all participants.
Share your daily tasks and organize your day with daily to-do lists.

Your personal to-do list

Share your organization with your loved ones.

  • Distribute daily tasks.
  • Clear your mind by noting down all you have to do.
  • Schedule important appointments.
  • Include your personal schedule in your overall organization.

All your organization with one tool

Easily manage your daily life and save time.

Display your tasks on your mobile.

Simple management of your activities

Get an overall view of what you have to do.

  • See all your tasks at a glance.
  • Customize your dashboard to display only what you need.
  • Display your dashboard on your mobile.
  • Optimize your time according to your needs.
µDisplay your projects on your mobile.

A thousand lives, a single tool

Access your projects at any time.

  • Display your professional and personal projects.
  • Update your projects on the go.
  • Receive and send customized notifications.

Ils ont choisi Beesbusy pour s'organiser

I love the mobile app which saves me time by allowing me to update projects on the go.

Yann G. CEO

I am amazed by the advanced features, such as the multi-projects view which allows me to plan all my projects in a customizable view.

Everything is under conrol.

Christophe B.-M. Engineer

The pricing is very competitive for such a powerful tool. We have a clear vision of our goals and how to reach them.

Claude C. CEO

I can organize everything with a single tool, from my shopping list to my team schedule.

Jean-François G. CEO and Partner

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