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Organize and share simple task lists.

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  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited task lists
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited members and collaborations
  • “What” view: organization with task lists
  • Reminder feature
  • Project folders
  • Personal dashboard
  • Send unlimited notifications (Buzz)

Synchronize all your projects with your agenda.

€ 2.08 Per month - billed annually
€ 2.99/month - billed monthly
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  • All FREE features, plus
  • Unlimited number of attachements
  • Create meetings and send invitations (Outlook Office 365)
  • Presentation mode
  • Team dashboard and statistics
  • Projects archiving
  • Google and Outlook synchronization: Display your tasks and projects in your calendar
  • Trello import: Import your Trello boards as projects with their lists, cards and checklists

Perfect for collaboration and planning.

€ 4.99 Per user, per month - billed annually
€ 5.99/month - billed monthly
Taxes included

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  • All PREMIUM features, plus
  • “When” view: Gantt Chart
  • “Who” view: Team schedule
  • 3 Multi-projects view: Overview of your projects
    • Multi-projects schedule
    • Multi-projects Gantt chart
    • Multi-projects team calendars
  • Tasks dependencies
  • Professional schedule: Customize your working hours and days


Even remotely, thank your team and stimulate team spirit by showing appreciation for their work.



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Half price

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