Organize, plan, collaborate...
and make your projects come true.

The project management tool Beesbusy is packed with features designed for collaborative project management.

Beesbusy is a project management tool that helps you being more organized.
By trusting a tool that facilitates tasks planning, project management, and teamwork, you enter a virtuous circle.
More visibility, less stress, and more time available to spend for what matters most:
bringing your ideas to life.

Get the right perspective on your projects:
1 application, 3 views

Because not everyone is an expert in project management, Beesbusy offers 3 ways of working:
“What” view, “When” view, and “Who” view.


Create task lists organized by topic, status, or other criteria and write down everything you and your team need to do.

The WHAT view of the project management tool Beesbusy allows for tasks list planning.


Track project progress, delegate tasks, and make sure things get done on time.

The WHEN view of the project management tool Beesbusy is a timeline visualization of all your tasks, similar to a Gantt chart.


Easily see who’s doing what on your team at any given time and adjust their workloads as needed.

The WHO view of the project management tool Beesbusy enables tasks distribution and collaborative projects planning.
Beesbusy is a project management tool that facilitates teamwork. Invite new members to participate in your projects.

« If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together »
African proverb

Invite colleagues, team members and family to join in your adventure, making it easy to discuss and coordinate projects

Beesbusy lets you invite whomever you like to collaborate on your projects. You can then assign tasks to them and share online schedules, documents, and more.

Schedule deadlines or tasks duration in your project management tool Beesbusy.

« Never let time pass, it will only get away from you »
Jean Amadou

Set up deadlines and project stages, define your objectives and complete your projects

The online schedule ensures you’ll never miss a deadline for any of your tasks. Once a task is completed, dismiss it with a single click. You can also set up project stages in the team and scheduling views. Get better organized and accomplish even the most complex tasks with confidence.

In the project planning tool Beesbusy, dashboards enable to summarize all of your projects data to help you improve your organization.

« Vision is the art of seeing things invisible »
Jonathan Swift

Beesbusy provides a dashboard to help you see things more clearly

From the number of tasks in progress to the most recently modified project, the Beesbusy dashboard shows you everything you need to know at a glance—so you’ll never lose sight of your ultimate goal.

The project management tool Beesbusy is also available for IOS and Android, which enables you to manage your projects from anywhere.

"My phone is an alarm clock, a flashlight, a music player, and a digital camera"

Now it’s a Beesbusy; too

Optimized for use with mobile devices, the Beesbusy application offers all the best task-management features in concentrated form. Create task lists, assignments, and deadlines—they’re all updated automatically in the web application. You stay organized in every situation.

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