Help your teams to optimize their time

Beesbusy is a project management software designed to help you organize your tasks and complete your projects. Intuitive and collaborative, it is compatible with any business needs.

Did you know?

At work,

  • 43% of projects are delivered but encounter problems
  • 18% of projects fail
  • 62% of employees experience stress because they lack time to complete their tasks

How can you improve your project management skills to reach your goals and optimize your employees’ time?

No tool is yet flexible enough to facilitate collaboration between every team in a company when they work for a common project.
Existing softwares and apps are either simplistic, with limited features and not team-friendly, or too complex because they are designed for project management experts and thus are not very intuitive.

Discover Beesbusy

The project management software Beesbusy enables intuitive tasks planning for teams and businesses.

Beesbusy is a simple and collaborative project management software, providing a high-level overview of your teams’ progress.

  • Easy to implement, no configuration necessary
  • Flexible and intuitive:  project management for every business sector
  • Works on web browser, mobile and tablet

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Business features

One software for all of your tasks and projects

The multi-project planning schedule enables you to have an overview of all your business tasks and projects.

Multi-projects planning

With Beesbusy, you can plan efficiently your projects in order to make sure that you meet your deadlines. Thus, you can identify overloaded time periods and distribute workloads to your teams accordingly.

In addition to project management, Beesbusy enables every department – from HR to Marketing – to manage their tasks. The software is compatible with any team’s way of working.

It is also possible to manage personal projects as well as professional ones. That way, you have access to an overview of all your tasks and you can easily optimize your time.

An intuitive project management software

To be compatible with everybody’s needs, our software offers 3 ways of working – or “Views” – which allow you to manage a project from different angles.

The WHAT view of the project management software Beesbusy allows for tasks list planning.WHAT view: Your teams list and manage their upcoming tasks.

The WHEN view of the project management software Beesbusy is a timeline visualization of all your tasks, similar to a Gantt chart.

WHEN view: As in a Gantt chart, your teams schedule and monitor all of their activities in a clear timeline.

The WHO view of the project management software Beesbusy enables tasks distribution and collaborative projects planning.

WHO view: As a collaborative tool, our software enables people to work efficiently together on the same project: tasks assignment, work progress, common deadlines…

Our software is designed to facilitate project management and to help users improve their skills. Your teams will benefit from dashboards and statistics to help them organize and optimize their time better.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Easily plan all of your business collaborative projects with Beesbusy, intuitive project management software.

Acknowledgement and appraisal are powerful levers of motivation. To facilitate teamwork, even when team members are not in the same place, Beesbusy offers features allowing team members to support and cheer on each other.

  • Badges: badges are awarded when certain actions are completed
  • Rewards: sending virtual gifts when a task is completed

Acknowledge and support your teams' work with Beesbusy's collaborative features. The perfect project management software for your business.

With better organization, your projects are less stressful and so your employees are less anxious. Thus, your teams stop wasting time and enjoy working on their projects more.

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