Get organized

Create groups in your team

6 March 2020

You can now gather the members of your team however you please.

Discover the groups, our latest collaborative feature.

Create your first group

In the Team section, go to the Groups tab. Choose a name for your group and add members. It’s that simple!
You can create as many groups as you want and each member can belong to more than one group.

You can gather members by competence, by location, by job title …
Adapt the groups to your needs!

Create your first group

Use your groups

Find your groups in different places in Beesbusy:

  • The groups created are included in the filters allowing you to customize the display of your views.
  • In the settings of a project, you can add all the members of a group to the project.
  • Display the profile of a member to manage the groups to which they belong.

These features are included in the Enterprise plan.
Discover our pricing plans here :