About us

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Complete your projects

Beesbusy was born of our desire to give people an intuitive and easy-to-use tool to organize their time better, to easily manage team planing, and thus to be able to concentrate on what matters most.

Our goal here at Beesbusy

Geoffreoy Lacour created Beesbusy to answer businesses' need of an intuitive tool for team planning.At the root of Beesbusy, there is Geoffroy Lacour

I learned something simple from my experience: many projects are never completed because of a lack of organization, transparency, and team planning, for want of an intuitive tool to facilitate their management.

My nightmare: a world ruled by Excel, where project management softwares are out of reach because they are too complex or too expensive and where projects fail.

My dream: a world where any project – from the simplest to the most ambitious – are completed according to the plan.”

The vast majority of companies today operate on a project-by-project basis. In our experience, however, employees are still struggling with this way of organizing their work, which they aren’t trained for in school, and they end up wasting far too much time and energy in managing and coordinating their tasks. As a result, projects continue to pile up, becoming more and more complex and anxiety-inducing for project managers and team members.

Easily bring your ideas to life!

« Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. »

Maya Angelou

This is why we designed a flexible project management and team planning software, to help you organize your tasks and projects efficiently.
We are committed to help you complete the projects that matter most to you and to make sure that you find happiness in teamwork.

Beesbusy makes your daily life easier, now it’s up to you to make your projects a reality!

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Beesbusy is also about finding balance

Organize your time and achieve better work/life balance with Beesbusy.

Getting everything done while balancing a busy professional and personal life is not an easy task.

Say goodbye to unexpected delays, unfinished projects, and exhausting workloads.
From now on, you can concentrate on what’s really important and make time for yourself as well!