beesbusy a free, easy-to-use tool
to organize your
work projects and
personal tasks

Céline makes time “just for her” to take a break and unwind.

Discover her superpower

She organizes projects for her business and her own daily work schedule while also keeping track of personal activities for herself and her sons.

What’s her secret?

She’s discovered a new tool to make sure she’ll never forget anything again-from keeping an eye on how her projects are progressing to picking Lucas up on time after his tennis class.

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David works 6 days a week and sometimes even on Sundays. But he still finds the time to pick up his daughter after school twice a week.

Discover his superpower

He manages several businesses and, even though he can’t be everywhere at once, he has complete confidence in his teams because he knows they’re well organized.

What’s his secret?

He uses a simple collaborative app that allows him to check in at any time on how tasks and project schedules are progressing at each of his sales points.

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This Friday, Pierre is leaving his paperwork at the office. He’s taking a weekend off with a few close friends.

Discover his superpower

He coordinates all of his teams and supervises ongoing projects with the skill of an orchestra conductor.

What’s his secret?

His time management tool gives him a complete overview of his entire schedule. He monitors subcontractors’ work and delivers to his clients on time.

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Beesbusy is a simple, intuitive task management and project management tool to help you organize your time more effectively.

Designed to adapt to each person’s individual needs, Beesbusy gives you a high-level overview of everything you need to get done, combining personal and professional projects in a single tool.

Say goodbye to late arrivals, conflicts between work and family, and exhausting workloads.

From now on, you can concentrate on what’s really important, and finally make time for yourself!


Invite participants to join your project and assemble your dream team


At the beach or on the bus, access your schedule from anywhere with real-time synchronization


Enjoy all application features for free and take control of your time


Your data is used only by Beesbusy and is never resold